Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Today the Arctic sea ice went below 4 km2 - first time in million of years?

A milestone in Arctic sea ice minimum was officially reach today according to continous updates done by IJIS from satellite measurements. We may say we don't care about this uninhabitable area which mostly are of interests for some white fur coated bears. Then we're wrong accoring to the science.
The extent of sea ice in Arctic is now below 4 km2

The Arctic ice is working as an giant refrigerator for the nothern hemisphere and without it, we could get changes to our climate we might not want to experience.

It is quite possible that this accelerating decrease in summer ice extent has not been present on the earth at least the last 2,5 million years according to paleoclimate knowledge. In other words long before any Homo sapiens walked on earth.

But who cares - this experiment is only interesting to continue? - to see if current knowledge of the result will be fulfilled...